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10900 Porter Ln
Junction, IL  62954




37.745807 / -88.171356

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Kyle Finnie: Real Estate Broker


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Rare, solid post and beam Lindal Western Cedar home sits on 80 acres surrounded by several thousand acres of woods and pasture with hills of the Shawnee National Forest on the southern horizon. This home has 360-degree panoramic views of beautiful, scenic Southeastern Illinois. A well-stocked pond and extended dock for swimming just below the house. Home was built in 1996 and has new high efficiency gas furnace and new decorative steel fencing enclosing a large flower garden with raised vegetable/herb beds. Great room has 23 ft ceilings and the entire main level ceilings are done in Western red cedar. Loft and enclosed sunroom/exercise room upstairs. Large family room with native sandstone fireplace downstairs. Separate 3-4 car insulated/heated garage with attached bedroom 'bunkhouse' with full bathroom for family and guests. Wrap-around composite decking extends living area to the outdoors. Extensive landscaping with orchard. Treelined 1/3 mild private driveway leads to the house bordered by thousands of blooming daffodils every spring. Generational farms surround property on all sides providing privacy, security and critical habitat that grow monster white-tail deer. This place is truly one of a kind with one entryway access for maximum security. 

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