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Golf Course Rd
Cave in Rock, IL  62919




37.496403 / -88.163323

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Hunting, Farm, Acreages

Jarod Jackson: Broker/Owner


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This 302 acres is a recreational dream located in historic Cave in Rock, IL that truly has it all. The property contains an old abandoned limestone quarry with breathtaking rock structures outlining the landscape. Tons of lime and rock still remain in large piles on the property.  In addition to the quarry, the property is made up of crop ground, hardwood forest, timber, hunting ground, rolling hills and a beautiful, tranquil blue lake.  The 38 acre lake has two boat launch locations.  Largemouth Bass are very abundant in this lake.  Additionally, in the fall of 2023, the lake was stocked with 50 lbs of Fathead Minnows, 4,900 Bluegill and 133 hybrid Crappie. Shelves and crevices hold and hide the Largemouth Bass and other fish in the deeper parts. It is quite fascinating to see Largemouth Bass come out of the stone wall as they attack a fishing lure. In addition to the abundance of fish, this large lake is also home to many waterfowl. 

There are corn and soybean crop fields on this property with about $8,000 annual crop income. About 50 acres of crop fields lie in the center of the property pulling deer and turkey to feed centrally. Managed food plots of Winter Wheat, Brassicas, Clover, Alfalfa, turnips and beets have been strategically planted and roads have been added to these areas for easy access. There are 19 acres of remote, hidden fields with thick grasses and briars making excellent bedding for Whitetails. In addition to small branches and streams of water, there are three small hidden ponds also providing watering holes for wildlife. 

Of special note, this acreage adjoins a registered natural preserve. This nature preserve coupled with the adjoining landlocked Shawnee National Forest, makes this property a recreational hidden gem. 

The farm does have some remaining mineral rights that will pass with the sale. Geologists have examined the property and report remains of massive amounts of limestone. 

There are 2 or 3 great locations for a cabin. A cabin or home could be built right off of Golf Course road or overlooking the lake. Imagine viewing this 38 acre gorgeous lake from your cabin window. For serious interest/inquiries, a couple of hours will be needed to show this unique property.  Turkeys, lots of big deer, fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, skiing, tubing, camping, and most importantly relaxation are what this property provides!!  Property has a current survey. Give us a call.

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